May Book Club: Golden State by Michelle Richmond

Mothering and writing: in this interview with Coastal Living about Golden State, their May Book Club pick, I talk about how being a mom influenced the novel and its characters

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Hey there, Beach Readers! We’re thrilled to announce that Michelle Richmond’s latest book, Golden State is our May Book Club pick!

(c) Nick Eliot  FINAL cover

We’ve been enamored of this bicoastal author (she grew up on the Gulf coast, before relocating to San Francisco as an adult) for quite some time. (If you missed her touching View essay for Coastal Living, make sure to read it here.) Golden State‘s fast-moving plot–it takes place in just one day–combines political turmoil, a birth, a hostage situation, and a woman’s struggle to find inner strength after divorce. Sounds like a recipe for a perfect summer page-turner! We asked Michelle for the 411 on the book and why her home state serves as its perfect setting:

Coastal Living: How did you come up with the idea for a novel that takes place in one single day?

Michelle Richmond: I liked the idea of compressing time, having all…

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